Fertility Treatment Options

Treatment Options/Protocols


Upon filling out and returning an Intake Form, we will contact you to arrange an initial interview.

Oriental Medical Therapy alone:

If you are seeking assistance for fertility enhancement with acupuncture and herbal therapy alone, you should be prepared for 3 – 6 months of treatment, dependent on the cause of the infertility. The following is a generic scenario:

  • Initial interview and treatment,
  • For the woman: Twice weekly acupuncture sessions during the follicular phase of your cycle (Days 4 – 14, depending on cycle). A post ovulation treatment is also recommended,
    Herbal formulas that follow your cycle, taken twice a day.
  • For the male: 2 – 4 acupuncture treatments per month, depending on sperm parameters, for a minimum of 4 months. A regimen of supplements/herbs is highly recommended.

A.R.T. and Oriental Medicine combined:

-If you are seeking acupuncture and/or herbal therapy as adjuncts to A.R.T. there are a few suggested generic scenarios:

Ideally we would like to see our clients for 3 months prior to beginning an ART schedule. In this case, the protocol would be similar to the one above.

  • Once you begin your A.R.T. cycle, acupuncture treatments continue, but herbal formulas are discontinued,
  • For the male and female, an additional acupuncture treatment the day before Egg Retrieval,
  • Pre and post-transfer acupuncture treatments for the woman on the day of Embryo Transfer (ET). An acupuncture treatment for the woman, 2 - 4 days after ET, and then once per week after a positive pregnancy until week 14.If you have already begun an A.R.T. cycle, we suggest 9 acupuncture treatments for the woman before egg retrieval. Due to the fertility drugs used during the A.R.T. cycle, herbal formulas will not be used.
  • For the man, we suggest a regimen of supplements, and 2 - 4 acupuncture treatments, including one the day before, or the day of, retrieval,
  • Pre and post-transfer acupuncture treatments for the woman on the day of Embryo Transfer (ET),
  • An acupuncture treatment for the woman, 2 - 4 days after ET, and then once per week after a positive pregnancy is confirmed until week 14. If there is a history of repeated miscarriages, herbal formulas as well as additional acupuncture treatments, may be recommended.

-If you are on an IUI protocol, we suggest 9 acupuncture treatments before insemination, one treatment immediately, or the evening before, insemination, and one treatment 2 - 4 days after insemination. These treatments can all be done in our clinic.

  • After a positive pregnancy is confirmed, 1 acupuncture treatment per week until week 14.

 -If you are seeking pre and post acupuncture treatments at the time of embryo transfer alone, or in conjunction with the options above, you must contact us at least a week before your egg retrieval.  After an initial treatment before egg retrieval, the following protocol is followed for women:

  • Inform us of the day of egg retrieval. 
  • Inform of us of the day and time of transfer. 
  • You will arrive approximately 2 hours before your transfer time. 
  • The pre-transfer acupuncture session will take about 30 min. We are just five minutes away from OFC. You will be able to arrive at OFC on time by your appointment time there.
  • After your embryo transfer, you will return to our clinic for post-transfer acupuncture treatment.
  • The woman’s partner is invited and encouraged to be present during the transfer treatments.



All fees are payable at the time of services rendered by cash, cheque or e-transfer. We are not able to accept credit or debit cards. Please note that the “Initial Fertility Intake” includes the first acupuncture treatment. As a courtesy, please allow 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment; this allows us to reschedule the time for another client. A cancellation or rescheduling of less than 24 hours may result in the full rate being charged. We are acutely aware of the changing schedules of our fertility clients and most certainly take this into consideration. Your efforts to keep us informed and up to date concerning your schedule and ongoing procedures is appreciated.